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The usual response I get when someone is viewing one of my abstract photographs is, “What is it?”

My reply is, “What do you see in it?” That is what I like about interpretive imagery. It is all subjective and I feel it when a photo touches and entices the viewer to stop and investigate, it is a success.


Northern Lights

Solar Flare

Abstract photographs are all how about the subject makes you feel. When your subject is color, texture and shapes assembled into a dynamic composition that departs from reality the challenge is on to grab the viewer’s attention.
Working on interpretive imagery goes beyond the usual rules of landscape photography. It is both fascinating and compelling changing one’s perception.
A visual encounter with some watercolor painting presented splashes of blending colors and non-uniform shapes. These macro images are but small pieces and parts of the overall scene.
What do these compositions suggest to you? Perhaps they are asteroids racing through the cosmos or the Aurora Borealis shinning in the heavens of another world? It is all up to your imagination to complete the communication process.
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