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Entering Glacier from Babb on the eastern side of this National Park in Montana
I drove the potholed two lane road toward Many Glacier.
Aspen trees lined the road and whipped by my car window.

Bursts of laser white pulsed backlighting the aspens’ deeper shadows. Traveling at 40 miles per
hour sunlight reflecting off Lake Sherburne flashed bright specular highlights
across my face like a strobe. The sub alpine lake shimmered in the afternoon
light drawing my attention.

Lake Sherburne Glacier National Park Montana

Lake Sherburne Glacier National Park Montana

It was abeautiful day with blue skies, fresh mountain air and no one else on the road.
Each time I explore Glacier I am inspired by the dramatic landscapes that
blanket both sides of the Continental Divide, here in this Crown Jewel of
Montana. This sparkling day was no different.

I grabbed my camera that is always waiting at my side and opened the window. A quarter of
a second exposure, the lens set at infinity and with the car rolling down the
road, I couldn’t resist tripping the shutter.

Implied motion within a still image has always been intriguing to me.  Obviously composition is difficult but leaning toward spontaneity keeps the adrenalin going and in this situation it is all
trial and error anyway.

swift current creek glacier national  park montana

Swiftcurrent Creek Montana

I don’t know what the aperture was. It doesn’t matter. That kind of thing is
immaterial. What counts is inspiration and being there. This kind of exercise
is more primal. It is recording the flow of energy. Trying something different,
experimenting with what comes your way keeps the photographer’s creativity in flux.

I was excited by the revelations that followed.

The extended exposures formed the definition of an abstract image with patterns,
harmonies of color and touchable textures. They ask the viewer to participate
by projecting their thoughts and experiences into the question of what these
pictures are about.

What do you see in these turbulent shifts of light and motion? Is it something new?
Do they engage you in thought?

Let me know your impressions or comments.

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